Variable Face by Maria Francesca Melis


Maria Francesca Melis is a 22 year old artist based in Sardinia, Italy. Her latest project ‘Variable Face’ was born in late summer, ‘when we are all overwhelmed by the melancholy of seeing the people we love leaving the island to get back to the places they migrated to, as well as by thought of having to return ourselves to the routine of the everyday working life.’

One day, sad for her sister leaving for London after the summer break, Maria took a photo of herself with a bunch of flowers covering her face. This was the initial spark for the following series, and since then she has been continuing to cover her face with random objects that she finds in the house, from shrimps to lettuce. We enjoy her photographies which remind us of the warmth and brightness of summer, though they arouse out of melancholia.

All images © Maria Francesca Melis | Via: Kock Mag

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