The Mountains And Medinas Of Morocco

Scottish photographer Richard Gaston documents the peaceful combination of nature and man through composition and the element of secludedness.

Throughout his work lies a vast sense of overwhelming, beautiful landscape surrounding the micro aspect of man, conveying just how insignificant we are on this planet. A trip to Morocco was outside of his normal territory – with a tendency to explore mountainous landscapes – however, this trip proved just as rewarding in terms of photographic opportunities and a dramatic change in culture.

“I walked through the winding souks with a basic tourist map.”Gaston writes: “In the Old Medina of Marrakech, I walked through the winding souks with a basic tourist map. So many streets seemed familiar to one another, occasionally getting disoriented from the hectic buzz of people swarming the streets. Often questioned and welcomed into the locals shops, it was easy to become distracted by the madness. Eventually arriving to my destinations, inside the El Badi Palace and Ben Youssef Madrasa, there was peaceful atmosphere – a compete contrast to the hustle of the streets. The combination of pastel tones and historic architecture was a pleasure to photograph.”


All images © Richard Gaston