Hierophanies by Bear Kirkpatrick


In his series ‘Hierophanies’, New Hampshire-based photographer Bear Kirkpatrick explores the sacred and wild. Shooting naked human bodies in wild locations, the photographer sometimes travels hours to find the remote wilderness he’s looking for to create his images. When he found the perfect spot, he quickly shoots many images in a short amount of time to ‘prevent self-reflection or conscious posing’.

Kirkpatrick states: “Hierophanies was taken from the writings of Mircea Eliade; a hierophany was a word he coined to describe in primitive religious mythology a tear in the fabric of the profane world — the world of nature, life and death, rebirth, growth, time — through which it is possible to witness the sacred world — the timeless and eternal.”

All images © Bear Kirkpatrick | Via: Beautiful/Decay

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