Federal Plaza - Loop

Kevin Serna’s Summer Loop Is A Photographic Ode To Chicago

Summer Loop

Chicago-based photographer Kevin Serna has shared with IGNANT his ongoing photographic project, ‘Summer Loop’: a cinematic series of images that offer a warm portrayal of the city in which he resides.

‘Summer Loop’ exists as a visual study around Chicago’s Loop community area during the summer months. “The Loop doesn’t technically exist as one of Chicago’s more than 70 neighborhoods, but rather as one of three relatively defined border areas comprising smaller communities within its downtown,” explains Serna to IGNANT. “As a Chicagoan, the Loop always maintained a special draw for me during the summertime when life renews again, after a usually brutal and gray winter, that seemingly concentrates within it.” The series depicts a dynamic contrast of locals and tourists, business and amusement, and stress and relaxation, often highlighted in sunlight that refracts from the windows of the skyscrapers that engulf the area. Serna’s play of light and shadow offers brilliant moments that tenderly illustrate both the chaos and the tranquility that signify the Loop during the fleeting days of heat.

Federal Plaza - Loop
Federal Plaza - Loop
Millennium Park
Chicago Elevated Tracks
James R. Thompson Center
Kevin Serna Photography
Federal Plaza - Loop
South Loop
Art Institute of Chicago
Millennium Park

All images © Kevin Serna

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