Deep In A Dark Reverie


Tajette O’Halloran is a Melbourne based photographic artist who occupies her creative hours working on ethereal self portraits, photographing various artists and creating raw striking portraits of children.

‘Deep In A Dark Reverie’ is her latest series and a visual documentation of dream states — states that are universally familiar in both their chaos and their illusory, fleeting clarity. Recreating her own absurd and isolating dream worlds, Tajette explores the lingering sensations we experience in the first moments of waking and renders them tangible; using the subject’s interactions with an unpredictable and volatile natural environment she attempts to illuminate the equally tenuous world of the subconscious. ‘I am fascinated by the incomplete and the strange … finding romance in the darker undercurrent of places and peoples’ lives. I use my photography to find a pulse in the forgotten and overlooked, creating unpolished and raw images. Within my images I aim to expose beauty in the confronting and haunting facets of our society’, she explains.

All images © Tajette O’Halloran

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