Swimming Portraits by Heather Horton


Heather Horton’s series ‘Swimming Portraits’ was inspired by a hot day in Buffalo, New York, where she was visiting a friend. Her friend swam back and forth in the private pool of their house for a long time as Heather took a multitude of photographs which she developed into the five paintings in this body of work.

She explains that the true test was to paint the shapes and colors accurately so that when one steps back from the paintings the tones would coalesce. ‘Art is ultimately about illusion, and this is another example of that. The most enjoyable part is losing oneself in that preciousness that can sometimes arise when one is painting something very detailed. These paintings were more mediative in their creation.’ She is looking forward to further explorations into such water paintings. We love her painted illusions and are curious about what comes next.

All images © Heather Horton

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