A Road Trip Through Greece


Graz-based photographer Hanna Fasching traveled through Greece with some friends and found grand landscapes, starry skies and curious street cats, among other things. In her own words about the journey, she says:

“Somehow I find myself on a Greek island. My best friend Vicky seems to be sitting on the edge of the world only a few meters behind me. Cross-legged, her fingers touching each other, her eyes closed… Two other friends of mine have positioned themselves on little rocks next to me. One is playing the guitar. The sound of clashing strings is as comforting as the sound of the great big ocean in my ears, which has soothed me since I was little. I turn my head and face to what nature once created, looking at the undulating landscape in front of me. A little breeze passes my body. The goosebumps on my skin, my eyes and the ocean seem to share the same substance.

The feeling of leaving this island soon instils magic and heaviness into every moment and I put all my faith and hope in it. Everything feels intense – the ground beneath my feet and the sea salt-filled air are full of thoughts and things to be said or to be silenced forever… My journey in Greece wasn’t what I would call the most exciting experience ever. Many nights, I preferred playing cards or listening to Django Reinhardt and Amy Winehouse to laying under starry skies until they fade away into the early morning. But yet, I experienced so many single little moments in the Land of Gods that influenced my soul for a lifetime.”

All images © Hanna Fasching

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