memorie scrapbook by Abbie Calvert


Abbie Calvert is a young australian photographer based in Tasmania. Her latest work is a series taken on bushwalks in her homeland and the South Island of New Zealand. ‘Each walk is a little journey, a part of a larger journey in search of something, although I’ve never found what I was looking for and have not really decided what it is that I am pursuing.

I am aimless, but I am moved by my desires and emotions.’

Her series has become about the process of collecting images – the time spent exploring, watching, capturing small moments, developing sensory drives and cognitive interpretations. For her it is very human to collect little tokens – like images, souvenirs, words, that remind us of small, memorable moments on our journey. For this reason she loves to look at old family photo albums and holiday slides. ‘Which images do we keep? How do we arrange them? Which images do we treasure enough to frame? Each person is moved by their individual emotions, little moments are more significant to some than to others and therefore each person’s scrapbook is one-of-a-kind, distinctive, beautiful.’ We think hers is especially appealing.

All images © Abbie Calvert

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