The Furniture Lift – the Ultimate Moving out


You might remember Leonardo Erlich’s ‘Dalston House’ we featured some time ago. Today we would like to show you Erlich’s latest project ‘The Furniture Lift – the Ultimate Moving out’. The sculpture was created for the ‘Le Voyage a Nantes’ art festival, which is known for turning the entire French city into an art gallery.

A part of a house corner seems as if frozen in mid air, only held by a furniture lift leaning against a window. In this body of work Leonardo Erlich imagines an impossible situation of only a part of a building floating in the air. The piece turns a common event into a perturbing spectacle. It invites us to reflect about a double impossibility, that is contradictory and vital: if human being can’t resist some dramatic situations, yet he resists them.

All images © Leonardo Erlich

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