Sui Park Creates Abstract Dynamic Forms


With the use of mass-produced industrial materials, New-York-based artist Sui Park creates three dimensional organic forms that reflect the continuous and dynamic character of human life.

Giving her sculptures generic and biomorphic shapes, the artist speaks about the subtle yet perpetual transitions in nature, but also in our emotions, sentiments, memories and expectations. “Through these shapes I attempt to express seemingly static yet dynamic characteristics of our evolving lives,” says Park. The forms collected in a series called the ‘Flow’ are made with materials such as Monofilament or Cable Ties, which make them non-durable, disposable and inexpensive. However, the artist weaves them and connects different parts, transforming them into long-lasting visualizations that evoke and encapsulate particular important moments in life.

Sui_Park_Art 2
Sui_Park_Art 1
Sui_Park_Art 11
Sui_Park_Art 10
Sui_Park_Art 9
Sui_Park_Art 8
Sui_Park_Art 7
Sui_Park_Art 6
Sui_Park_Art 5
Sui_Park_Art 4
Sui_Park_Art 3

All images © courtesy of Sui Park

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