A Giant Glowing Star Installation By Jun Ong


Kuala Lumpur-based architect and artist Jun Ong embedded a four-story light installation in the shape of a star into an unfinished cement building as part of the 2015 Urban Xchange public art festival in Butterworth, Malaysia. Appropriately dubbed ‘Star’, the impressive sculpture — which is made of LED lights and steel cables – looks as if it’s piercing through the structure.

All images © Ronaldas Buozis / Jun Ong

Jun Ong_Art_1Jun Ong_Art_2Jun Ong_Art_3Jun Ong_Art_4Jun Ong_Art_5Jun Ong_Art_6Jun Ong_Art_7Jun Ong_Art_8Jun Ong_Art_9Jun Ong_Art_10
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