Surrounded by nature, the ‘NM-House’ designed by gaSSz arquitectos is situated in Pantano de San Juan, Madrid, Spain. At the top of the plot, using a clearing in the pine forest, the NM house sits in front of a granite riff, towards a wide panorama.

The starting parallelepiped, was deformed to adjust to a more efficient form-factor. The result of this adjustment is a volume with truncated corners and a folded roof, forming a valley on its diagonal. The resulting lower level concentrates the common areas as living room, kitchen and bathroom. The upper level counts two bedrooms and a shared bathroom. The modeling of the house was divided in two parts: The ‘Wet Work’ for the envelope or shell of the house, worked out of reinforced concrete. ‘Dry work’ for the house inside, conceived as a large wooden cabinet mounted on metal substructure.The formwork for the outer surface of the concrete was made with oriented strand board (OSB-II) to mark its texture with its wooden chips, characterizing its materiality, halfway between pine bark and lichens growing on granite.

All images © Javier Azumendi

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