Painting by Tangshi


When we stumbled across this first picture we instantly felt like we’ve seen it before. And indeed, it was part of Rodrigo Dada’s series Vortex. Artist Tangshi uses old magazines and journals, as well as daily observations to find interesting imagery and transforms them into paintings such as this one from Rodrigo Dada.

He says: ‘Afterwards, I am totally free from the constraints of imagery. I deconstruct the initial image and integrate new concepts with the removal of any unrelated elements to make my message clear and have the final visual. I still use the way of expression since my childhood, which is to incorporate familiar things and create a new visual relation, a good distance between the reality and the images. Those scribbles keep me from ossification and enlighten me to rethink about the cause of painting.’

All images © Tangshi | Via: Artnau

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