The Living Cube


With the ‘Living Cube’ designer, entrepreneur, writer and artist Till Koenneker has created a unique solution for his apartment. Due to the lack of space, the room calls for an exceptional space saving resolution. He clearly thinks outside the box and has no fear of doing things a different and new way.

Since his new apartment offered only very little storage space he had to come up with something, that served as a storage, closet, shelf and gust bed – all at the same time. Together with his carpenter, Remo Zimmerli, he realized a minimalist cube – ‘The Living Cube’ that would hold his records, clothing and a mattress for guests. The basic idea was an integrated walk-in storage space and sleeping area. Koenneker says ‘Everything is possible, but restrictions are deadly’. We think he’s right and can’t wait to see more space saving solutions that seem to make everything a lot easier.

All images © Rob Lewis

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