Sunken house by De Matos Ryan nestles in a garden


De Matos Ryan has completed The Garden House, a new 179 sqm house at the far end of the rear garden of a Victorian house in Battersea, South West London.

The house comprises five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a study and a kitchen/living room. The garden was excavated to create a high-sided watertight concrete courtyard, which increased the floor plate of the property without affecting the single storey appearance at garden level. The living areas are at courtyard level and benefit from full height glazing; the bedrooms are arranged at first floor level in clean white volumes that gently ‘float’ above the glazing.
It’s the sunken courtyard, characterized by white pigmented concrete walls and floor that defines The Garden House and lends the house an exotic sensibility.

All images © Hufton+Crow

De Matos Ryan_Private House_London_©Hufton+Crow_01De Matos Ryan_Private House_London_©Hufton+Crow_02De Matos Ryan_Private House_London_©Hufton+Crow_03De Matos Ryan_Private House_London_©Hufton+Crow_04De Matos Ryan_Private House_London_©Hufton+Crow_05De Matos Ryan_Private House_London_©Hufton+Crow_06De Matos Ryan_Private House_London_©Hufton+Crow_07De Matos Ryan_Private House_London_©Hufton+Crow_08
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