Glass Houses


Kalliope Amorphous’ works seem like something from a dream, a brief memory that is very clear and lucid and becomes blurry a second later. ‘Glass Houses’ is a series of self portraits exploring the malleability of identity through the use of flexible mirrors.

 Through the distortion of her physical form, she explores the fragmentation of identity as well as the hidden self which is often underlaid beneath the facade of our physical exteriors. She confronts questions of self-image and the ways in which our interior worlds conflict with our exterior form. ‘How does the image that we present to the world differ from what we see when we look in the mirror? If our desires, fears, secrets and vulnerabilities were manifested physically, what might they look like?’. By manipulating flexible mirror boards made from polyester film she captures split-second deconstructions of her own reflection.

All images © Kalliope Amorphous

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