Mother + Daughter


‘Children are constantly curious and daring to learn. Most of my work comes from searching for that feeling of being a kid again. I know that I will never regain my full innocence, but I like to make work that reminds me of those moments of vulnerability. Sometimes there is a bit of sadness and reality in this fight to regain, but there is also the freedom of letting go and exploring the unknown.

I want keep curious; I want to keep creative.’

Carra Sykes has definitely kept being creative. Her latest ongoing project is fun, witty and made us smile. Carra Sykes uncle repeatedly commenting on her mother wearing Carras clothing gave the young photographer the idea for her project ‘Mother + Daughter’. Carry Sykes mother likes wearing her daughters sorted out old band shirts. She thought it might be interesting to put her mother into some of her current clothing, pose both very similar for a mother/daughter comparison. ‘Mother + Daughter’ has kind of become a personal study of Carra and her mother’s relationship and physical traits. We are courious about what is still to come.

All images © Carra Sykes

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