Glory Hole Doughnuts · Toronto, Canada


Already in front of Toronto based Glory Hole Doughnuts Shop you’re welcomed by a sweet breeze which magically touches your desire for this typical american pastry. If you enter the location which lies on the cities upcoming Queen Street West, you would never think that its owner Ashley once hated the world of pastry.

But she also always loved to have a good coffee, a cigarette and a doughnut. So when she thought about opening up her first own business it came close to hand that it should have something to do with doughnuts.
Two years later Glory Hole is an established landmark which attracts customers from the neighborhood as well as people coming from the suburbs to get a package for their families.

Glory Hole Doughnuts
596 Queen st. West
 · Toronto, ON M6R 1A8
[email protected]

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