Familyhome ‘H’ in Japan


Designed for a young couple with a small child, ‘House H’ is located in Matsudo, Chiba, Japan.The Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects, decided to create a new symbol of hope and contemporary living in Matsudo.

Constructing a house, meeting the needs and desires of a young family, the house is more of a ‘living symbol, by utilizing a big roof and structural parts in their daily life it’s more than just an imaginative symbol.’ Placing the roof in first place on site and arranging eight Y-shaped wooden frames, the last step was hooking up two floors to the wooden structure. Depending on the level and location of the floorboards, the distance from the big roof and other living space changes creating several living spaces divided loosely by the Y-shaped frames as well as the floorboards. This creates an environment in which the family living in the house can always more or less feel where the other family members are.

All images © Fumihiko Ikemoto

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