Marc Giai-Miniet’s works are reminiscent to the paper theater from ‘pictorial broadsheet’ culture of the 19th Century during the Biedermeier period. On several floors we can discover rather gloomy rooms, similar to laboratories in which whole miniature libraries are built

Marc Giai-Miniet invites us on a journey through fictional attics, library rooms, past dusty corners and huge translucent shelves into a basement and machinery spaces. He creates images in which you suddenly believe to hear the sound of a constantly dripping faucet and echoing steps. With ‘Boxes’ the French artist takes us to empty spaces where unknown events have taken place. Initially Marc Giai-Miniets ‘Boxes’ contain small characters and grim scenes. Over time, they have been replaced by books, laboratories, storage areas and interrogation cells.

All images © Marc Giai-Miniet’s | Via: Fubiz

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