Frédéric Forest’s Linework


Born in Annecy, a city in the French Alps, illustrator and designer Frédéric Forest has already worked for Cartier, as well as the Adidas Advanced Design Studio in Italy, where he designed for the brand’s high-end sports shoes range. Besides the cooperations with international luxury firms, he used his approach for brand image, visual identity and product design to create his own art. Frédéric Forest‘s filigree line drawings seem like sketches at first sight. Grewing up in a very women-centric family, the artist focuses on the silhouettes of women’s bodies which are seductive in a minimal kind of way. He draws women and male bodies like they are, not like society prefers them to be. Inspired by the beautiful landscape of the French Alps, the curves of the bodies seem to implicate the outlines of mountains. Nature has always occupied an important place in Frédéric’s life. His physical link with forms of nature, perfect curves, colors and smell can be discovered in all of his drawings. Even though Frédéric is not a tattoo artist, his creative designs arouse attention on the tattoo scene.

All images © Frédéric Forest

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