Spaghetti Bench


For his series ‘Spaghetti Bench’ Pablo Reinoso took public benches of anonymous design as a starting point for his reflection. These benches cross cultures and have something of the out-of-time and out-of-date about them.

Reinoso stages benches and other furniture that, having fulfilled their role as furniture, becomes once again branches that can grow and climb. They are no longer at the service of a function but retrieve their life and their condition. We might say that the desire of wood boards is revealed; that they indulge themselves and have fun while doing what is expected of them — being furniture. Thus they may at last express themselves freely by marrying architecture, roaming through places, exploring gaps, and giving free rein to their whims.

All images © Pablo Reinoso

Banc Spaghetti de Pablo ReinosoPhoto: Juan TronquoyPR_02PR_03PR_04PR_05
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