Kelly Maker’s Magical Collages

Kelly Maker

Australian photographer and artist Kelly Maker creates gorgeous mixed media collages series with her own signature styles. Best known for her paper collages, Kelly uses inspiring fashion and swimwear editorials where she cuts out the models and replaces the original backgrounds with book pages or glittery patterns. Combining models with books, her Instagram account shows the most beautiful faces of our time as they glide through the pages of faded novels and douse their perfect bodies in illuminated glitter. Gigi Hadid, Sahara Ray and Emily Ratajkowski seem to take on new life through Maker’s illustrations where they are no longer advertisement across the pages of fashion magazines or websites. Instead, they explore a new existence, merging with their backgrounds while diving into a multidimensional state of evolution where they wane in and out of a mirage.

All images © Kelly Maker 

iGNANT_Art_Kelly_Maker_Magical Collages 03iGNANT_Art_Kelly_Maker_Magical Collages 10iGNANT_Art_Kelly_Maker_Magical Collages 11iGNANT_Art_Kelly_Maker_Magical Collages 04iGNANT_Art_Kelly_Maker_Magical Collages 05iGNANT_Art_Kelly_Maker_Magical Collages 02iGNANT_Art_Kelly_Maker_Magical Collages 06iGNANT_Art_Kelly_Maker_Magical Collages 01iGNANT_Art_Kelly_Maker_Magical Collages 07iGNANT_Art_Kelly_Maker_Magical Collages 08iGNANT_Art_Kelly_Maker_Magical Collages 09
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