Joost Goudriaan


Joost Goudriaan finds that ‘The public space in Rotterdam is loaded with objects, functional yet often unnoticed. The city of Rotterdam, always seeming to be desperately seeking her new ‘heart’, supplies her many excavations with street furniture without thinking about the charisma of the street level. The sky seems to be the limit, and the eye level remains forgotten.’.

He would like to see outdoor design, that evokes the love of a passer by and users and design which leaves behind a lasting and loving impression. So he decided to barge in and beautified Rotterdam with an upholstered bench, wooden signs and golden manhole covers. It all seems to be about giving and receiving love. In another project of his, Joost Goudriaan manufactured several chocolate renditions of the legendary ‘Nike Air Max 1’ thinking about what his friends, rabidly collecting this shoe, would give their loved ones for Christmas or Valentines Day as an excuse and to make-up. With a wink Goudriaan sells these chocolate shoes placing the buyer via contract under the obligation of eating the chocolate shoe.

All images © Joost Goudriaan

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