Seungyea Park


The works of Korean Seungyea Park seem tempting and disturbing at the same time. It feels like the faces in her drawings want to get in touch with you, forcing the viewer to look at them and give a direct insight in their frightened souls. They stare at us with their eyes wide open, make faces or try to hide behind their own hands.

Seungyea Park says that she tries to unify her inner- and outer monster in her drawings. She was born, and raised in Seoul, Korea. After graduating high school, she moved to New York, and received a BFA at Southampton Long Island University, and a MA at C.W. Post Long Island University. After her time abroad, she went back to Southa Korea where all of her family lives. Most of Seungyea’s works are portraits. Since 2004 until 2009, she ve mostly used Acrylic, then after 2009, she switched to pen, and acrylic on acid free paper.

All images © Seungyea Park | Via: Saatchi

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