Urban Geode


Urban Geode is a street art project by ‘A common Name’ that started in Los Angeles. Rather than using traditional paint this street art is created from paper or resin in 3-Dimensional sculpture forms. The finished shapes represent geodes, crystal, quartz, or any mineral formation that you would normally find in nature, while they fit in every little hole of buildings or pipes of crumbling infrastructures.

Behind all that is Paige Smith, a freelance artist and graphic designer from Los Angeles. She hopes to continue her project for a long time and travel it around the world, beautifying urban settings. Smith says ‘I enjoy the fact that many people will not notice these, but some astute people will; that these will not last forever and the weather will affect them as naturally as it might in nature.’ I would love to discover one of her little street art treasures in grey Berlin right now.

All images © A common Name

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