Parkhaus · Berlin, Germany


The ‘Parkhaus Berlin’ is a showroom founded in 2002 by product designer Anja Witte. She started the business as a felt crafting manufacturer, which steadily built up its own aesthetic identity. You can still purchase products made of felt—like an oversized seat pad or a couple of smaller accessories. Meanwhile, the three owners discovered their passion for furniture and home accessories. Subsequently, you’ll find beautiful wooden cabinets next to medicine balls or comfy blankets. Everything is carefully selected and put together and we could stay for hours just rummaging and discovering hidden treasures. In the back, they assembled a cozy lounge that I wouldn’t mind living in with the beautiful brown dog that is strolling around. A nice store with a clear concept and I’d love to line my pockets with a couple of nice the things that I found myself surrounded with.

Schröderstraße 13
10115 Berlin

Mon – Sat: 11.00 – 19.00