Wasted Rita


We came across the candid statements of Wasted Rita dozens of times when strolling through diverse tumblr blogs. Thus we are very glad to finally introduce you to the author of these straightforward artworks. Wasted Rita is a graphic designer and illustrator conceived in New Jersey, working and living in Porto, Portugal.

She describes herself as ‘a natural agent provocateur, sarcastic as needed and a full-time thinker who must write about life, human behaviors and play with words to keep breathing.’ Her almost daily updated blog got famous for its humor drawings and hand lettering quotes. Rita says that she’s ‘rough and rude at first sight, above all, just a passionate kid doing what she thinks she should.’ Rita will display her works at the exhibition entitled ‘Human Beings – God’s only mistake’ opening on the 21st of June at Idrawalot gallery, Berlin.

All images © Wasted Rita

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