An Excavated Wall Installation By Daniel Arsham


For his latest installation ‘Wall Excavation’, artist Daniel Arsham carved out large holes into faux-concrete walls at the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah, USA. We’ve previously featured Arsham’s works, which are also part of the site-specific exhibition titled ‘The Future Was Then’. Visitors can experience the artworks through the 300-foot long wall installation to engage with their surroundings in a new context. Additionally, the repetitions of carvings create a human-like silhouette, illustrating Arsham’s motivation to explore “mankind’s place in history” with the artwork. The exhibition runs until July 24, 2016.

In a description about the project, it says on the gallery’s website: “These select sculptural works and this installation explore the interaction between mankind and architecture, and draw particular attention to man’s capacity for creating, destroying and repurposing manmade and natural materials both historically and contemporaneously.”

All images © courtesy of Daniel Arsham

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