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The Painterly Landscapes Of Luca Tombolini


Milanese photographer Luca Tombolini contemplates the cosmos with his tranquil painterly landscapes, taken in a dulcet palette on a large-format camera.

“I’m following a fascination for desert primordial places.”Entitled ‘LS’, the series was taken between 2013 – 2015 before being drum scanned and printed at a large scale. “In my photography I’m following a fascination for desert primordial places,” explains Tombolini. “No other places are so helpful in making that mind shift needed to try to enquire beyond our limited lifetime. I’ve found photography particularly efficient to make considerations about time, either when it’s clearly stopping it or on the contrary when it gives the impression of compressing time as if the moment pictured could have existed forever.”

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All images © Luca Tombolini

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