North Korean Interiors By Oliver Wainwright

London-based architecture critic Oliver Wainwright captured a series of pastel-colored photos of North Korea’s interiors and architecture. The images are a huge contrast from what we typically imagine the country to look like – namely, depressing buildings surrounded by a joyless atmosphere. The North Korean dictatorship makes it nearly impossible for outsiders to obtain information about the country’s life, culture and society, so the series is an interesting glimpse into a different side of North Korea.

North Korean Interiors by Oliver Wainwright SAMSUNG CSC Photography_Oliver-Wainwright_3 Photography_Oliver-Wainwright_4 Photography_Oliver-Wainwright_5 SAMSUNG CSC Photography_Oliver-Wainwright_7 Photography_Oliver-Wainwright_8 Photography_Oliver-Wainwright_9

All images © Oliver Wainwright