Centre Pompidou Mobile


The French Ministry of Culture started a collaboration with the Centre Pompidou, planing a mobile museum. The moving museum will show fourteen exhibits from the Centre Pompidou, hosted at seven different locations in France. The project aims to bring art and culture to areas and cities that usually have a rather low access to those kind of pleasures.

The three flexible diamond-shaped tents spread over an area of 700 square meters. Due to its circus-like colors the structure evokes immediate attention while the inside still reminds on a classical museum with its matte-white spaces. Since its opening in 2012 the mobile museum had numerous visitors and requests from various cities lacking their own museum.

This project is part of the exhibition Culture:City. If you’d like to find out more, come and hear the architects Patrick Bouchain and Loïc Julienne explaining their vision on March the 26th. Click here for further details.

All images © Centre Pompidou and Studio Déclic Cambrai

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