Lionel Stitchie by Molly Evans


Molly Evans is a fiber artist based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In her latest project ‘Lionel Stitchie’ she spread the street art gospel according to Lionel Richie’s songs.

Every Sunday she hit the pavement at 5 am armed with miles of braided ‘Easy Cheese’ yellow yarn, a tag gun and a camera, and stitched his timeworn lyrics onto dozens of discarded couches, recliners, and mattresses in her neighborhood. They were suggestions of stories that might have been onto furniture that was never hers, but which she wanted to give a voice with her art.

‘These bulky discards were the remains of university graduates moving on to new chapters, of families starting over with fresh styles, and of people letting go of emotional attachments to tired possessions. I identified with this process of reestablishment and sought to call attention to this important narrative in progress all around the city,’ Molly expounds.

All images © Molly Evans

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