Tepoztlan Lounge


Cadaval & sola-morales architects created the Tepoztlan Lounge, a central communal space for leisure in nature. The project is a negotiation between interior and exterior, a construction of an inbetween condition.

The limits between the open and the content space merge to produce a single architectural entity. The design establishes three separate living quarters designed in accordance to the 3 activities planned. The first holds an open bar with a kitchenette, together with a couple of restrooms and dressing rooms. The second is a play area for children that can also be used as a reading room when temperatures drop at night. Finally the largest container is the living area, an enclosed, tempered and comfortable space for conversation.

All images © Sandra Pereznieto | Via: Design Milk

Tepoztlan Lounge01Tepoztlan Lounge02Tepoztlan Lounge03Tepoztlan Lounge04Tepoztlan Lounge05Tepoztlan Lounge06Tepoztlan Lounge07Tepoztlan Lounge08Tepoztlan Lounge09Tepoztlan Lounge10Tepoztlan Lounge11Tepoztlan Lounge13
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