Endesa Pavilion


The interestingly shaped Endesa pavilion located in Barcelona by IAAC – Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia – is actually a research prototype of a new solar-optimized prefabricated skin system. A wooden skin based on digitally designed components, parametrically adapted to their different orientations in relation with the different sun path patterns.

Each one of these components behave in the same way tree leafs does: They generate their own energy and at the same time produce a micro-climate by controlling shadows, ventilation and light. The pavilion represents the effort to bring the latest digital technologies of digital and fabrication into the realm of a market-adapted self-sufficient façade solution. For now it will be used for the ‘Smart City Expo’ but will also be home to meetings and other important talks of topics relevant to its capabilities.

All images © Adrià Goula | Via: Inthralld

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