Best of | Photorealism


We’ve already introduced photorealistic painters every now and then and usually some of you were fascinated, others felt indignant to even call it art. If it can be defined as art, craft or a diligent but routine piece of work is a matter of opinion.

We are still fascinated by those kind of pictures, that look sometimes more, sometimes less like photographs. So we decided to assemble a Best of photorealism for you. Enjoy.

Image © Craig Wylie

Image © Ronald Bowen

Image © Tjalf Sparnaay

Image © Pedro Campos

Image © Diego Gravinese

Image © Robin Eley

Image © Nathan Walsh

Image © Dirk Dzimirsky

Image © Alyssa Monks

Image © Victor Rodriguez

craigwylieRonald Bowentjalfsparnaaypedrocamposgravinese_01robineleynathanwalshdzimirskyalyssa01Victor_rodriguez
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