Featherchild by Lucy Glendinning


Lucy Glendinning created the series ‘Featherchild’. Usually the Somerset based artist starts with a poem or a short statement wich is inspired by philosophical questions, medical information, psychological studies with imagined projections into potential futures.

Her current series is called ‘Will we be able to resist it?’, asking if we will be able to resist improving ourselves. Lucy explains: ‘To save a person from disease is one thing and obviously wonderful, but will we be able to resist improving the well? Will this become a commodity and make the gap between the rich and poor more than money but into genetically different species?’ With her works, she is exploring the alterations we might find desirable and how our future children might look. ‘A natural reaction seems that it is a bad thing, to improve the well, but is it? Has evolution put us in charge?’

All images © Lucy Glendinning

Feather-Child-1-aFeather Child_02Feather Child_03Feather Child_04Feather Child_05Feather Child_06Feather Child_07Feather Child_08
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