Pool Table


Marcus Beck and Simon Macro are Freshwest, a design firm based in Pembrokeshire West Wales, which embraces both experimental and functional design and is driven by their desire to realize ideas. Having know each other since their childhood days and sharing the same design ideals Marcus and Simon combined to establish Freshwest in 2005.

You can see their fun for design in their newly designed ‘Pool Table’. It’s an unexpected change of the game of billiards into a small body of standing water. The Table is formed out of 50mm of thick blue acrylic that distorts light, giving the illusion of an actual swimming pool. A stainless steel base provides support for the tabletop with a miniature diving board at the edge. This very basic piece of furniture was recreated in a playful way and one might like to take a swim after having a coffee. They state ‘Playing with scale, the miniature diving board seems to transform the solid surface of the acrylic into the serenity of still water’.

All images © Freshwest | Via: My Modern Metropolis

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