Beth Hoeckel


Beth Hoeckel works mainly in the field of collage but also creates paintings, drawings, and photographs. She studied painting, photography and printmaking at the ‘School of the Art Institute of Chicago’ and after some years abroad, including living in New York and Los Angeles, she found her base in Baltimore.

She is working in collage, mixed media and photography. Her series ‘Evidents’ is a play on words. Thereby ‘evident’ means perceptible or obvious, and ‘evidence’ is a proof or verification. Like this the series is otherworldly yet coherent, surreal yet believable and so you can see little kids eating a giant sandwich or hands and arms crawling out of the landscape. She says ‘Each piece is a portrayal of a moment that seems unlikely, but tangible signs are revealed and cannot be denied’.

All images © Beth Hoeckel

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