A Hat-Shaped Tea House By A1 Architects

Hat Tea House

The small teahouse ‘Hat’ by czech A1 Architects is a small and tiny house to enjoy a cup of tea under the roof in a charming little garden. The minimal space was a great challenge, but A1 Architects managed to create an intimate and unique atmosphere. The name derives from its tall roof resembling a big hat in the garden.

Located in Ostrova, Czech Republic, it is called ‘Hat Tea House’ because its tall shingle roof resembles a big hat in the garden. Inside is a large bench and hearth, due to the minimal size of space. The view into the picturesque garden could be adjusted by sliding windows and shutters. The tea house is meant for two guests. Natural aging materials were very important for the design, as it makes the house warm and livable.

All images © A1 Architects | Via: Home Reviews

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