Timo Kuilder’s Geometric Illustrations


Amsterdam based illustrator and graphic designer Timo Kuilder creates visual identities, websites, illustrations, as well as animations. His art is characterised by simple, synthetic shapes that enhance the conceptual aspect of his work. By using simple shapes, he creates elegant figures and colorful landscapes. To add depth and texture, he finesses his pieces with delicate gradient-like shading and soft halftones. Seeming nearly surreal, his characters lack facial expressions, they appear active and energetic thanks to their diverse personalities, exaggerated actions and oversized accessories. The rough touch of the digital brush dosed accurately let the characters appear active and energetic. Kuilder also combines his personal work with commercial commissions. His clients include Monocle, Adobe, Bloomberg, De Correspondent and WeTransfer. Besides, the artist often creates an animated version as well as GIFS of his illustrations.

All images © Timo Kuilder
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