Wood Sculptures


‘Making things is how we got here’ is what artist Dan Webb says, but he claims that ‘today we live in a world that most of the time no longer requires us to make anything.’ We hope he is still going on with making his stunning sculptures.

Born in East Lansing, Michigan and now living in Seattle, Washington, Webb creates amazing sculptures out of wood. With their detailed texture and shape, it looks like the curtain just fell down and is still moving from the crowd beneath it, or if we just want to rest our heads on the soft pillow, which is actually made out of hard wood. On his blog you can follow his thoughts and while he is talking about the asthonishing complexity of our five digits on the ends of our arms, which made us not only survive as a species, but to thrive, he is creating this sculptures with his talented hands, that show off the beauty in the grain of the wood.

All images © Dan Webb | Via: Trendland

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