The work ‘Swallow’ by german photographer Mirka Laura Severa is about the confrontation with the theme of childhood and memory. It takes place in the Czech Republic, Spain and Germany, since her father is Czech, her grandmother lived in Spain for a long time and she was born and raised in Germany.

This series shows key places of her life, where she returned to in order to work on this project. With installations and self-portraits she revived tactile memories of those places, even though they are connected with people, who have disappeared by now. This results in almost surreal scenes, whose openness still offers the viewers a reference point to remember their own experiences. The images describe moods and emotions rather than situations. A quote accompanied her throughout the whole project. It is by Haruki Murakami from ‘Kafka on the Shore’: ‘Until a minute ago it felt so real, but now it seems imaginary. Just a few steps is all it takes for everything associated with it to lose all sense of reality. And me- the person who was there until a moment ago now – I now seem imaginary too.’

All images © Mirka Laura Severa

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