Nicola Samorì


Italian artist Nicola Samorì creates profound paintings by layering and fusing images on canvas, wood or other objects. He is selecting portraits and still life’s from classical paintings or random faces he finds on the internet and then scratching, erasing, fingering and painting over the surfaces multiple times.

His projects are about time and corrosion, giving the paintings a new skin with different layers. This is a selection of images where most of them have never been published. Here is what he says about the pictures mood group: ‘I like regarding myself as a virus that can undermine fixed languages such as Flemish painting, Baroque painting and Neoclassical painting that are steadily established in our imagination. Such witnesses are particularly suitable, even if they’re not the only ones, to reveal painting as a living language, never a slave to current affairs. My practices then unavoidably bring forms to the present. What happens to my paintings could not happen to ancient paintings or it would have made no sense at all’.

All images © Nicola Samorì | Via: Beautiful/Decay

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