Alexandros Vasmoulakis


Alexandros Vasmoulakis, born in 1980, is living between Athens and London, where he is working as a freelancer. The core of his work is based in outdoor murals/large wallpapers, installations and the studio work, in which he is mostly painting or else making Dadaist collages.

His principal purpose in all above cases is comparable to a culture-jammer, who tries to cast a snappy look at contemporary public communication, a glance that is most of the times enacted by the aesthetics and cognitive of advertising. For his collaborative installation series Vasmoulakis, reconnoiters erroneous visuals and also expores those alternative thoughts, which mainly occur when seeing something from a different angle. Working upon the point to amaze the viewer and give him a ‘sweet slap’ in the ordinariness of his life, his works resonate back to the trash art and funerary art. His collective interventions commonly are found outdoors and generated by objects found in scrapyards or deserted factories. Vasmoulakis studies the boundaries of life and death by creating enormous sculptures that can be pervaded.

All images © Alexandros Vasmoulakis

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