Ron Mueck


As shocking as Ron Mueck’s figurative sculptures of seemingly limitless format may be, at the same time they are, because of their absurdness, amusing in their very own way. Partly orienting himself by photographs, Mueck especially approaches specific physically significant moments in time in a human beings life.

Moments as pregnancy, birth, adolescence, age and death. Shown half naked or completely naked the sculptures seem exposed and vulnerable, not being able to hide anything from the visitors. The viewer is able to almost step into the sculptures world of memory and emotion. Ron Muecks sculptures hold various moods. At times they’re melancholic-depressed, then shy and scared or calm and relaxed. Mueck himself says about his work: ‘Even tough I spend a lot of time working on the surface of my sculptures, it’s the emotional life I want to capture.’

All images © Fondation Cartier

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