Bridget Collins


Bridget Collins is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and now reside in Brooklyn, NY. The core of her work stems from dissatisfaction. For a long time she felt very disconnected and started making small interventions to her environment in an attempt to unify the physical world with abstract feelings and desires.

Her process ranges from physically integrating herself into an environment to simply waiting for light to come in through her bedroom window, illuminating some strange, discarded object. In Bridget’s photographs she hopes to create a new dialog between commonplace objects and events, as if to document what happens when you’ve spent too much time alone in your room and your belongings start to talk to you. The objects are reaching, touching, holding onto one another, yet desperate and unresolved. Each arrangement is a reflection on the duality of physical relationships; the resulting image not unlike a heavy-hearted joke.

All images © Bridget Collins

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