Photographer Chih Hsien Chen Captures Taiwanese Youth Culture


Taiwanese photographer Chih Hsien Chen documents youth culture in Tainan, where he was born and currently resides. From girls covered in polka dots to shots of Taiwanese nightlife, the imagery is animated and playful, yet carries a hint of rebellion. At the moment, the 22-year-old photographer is studying at the Tainan University of Technology.

All images © Chih Hsien Chen

Chih Sien Chen_Photography_7Chih Sien Chen_Photography_8Chih Sien Chen_Photography_5Chih Sien Chen_Photography_6Chih Sien Chen_Photography_9Chih Sien Chen_Photography_10Chih Sien Chen_Photography_2Chih Sien Chen_Photography_1Chih Sien Chen_Photography_3Chih Sien Chen_Photography_4
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