The ‘Basque Culinary Center’ by Vaumm architects is located in San Sebastián, Spain, and is the head-office of the Gastronomic Science University and Innovation and Research Center in Gastronomic Sciences of Mondragon University.

On the one hand the building becomes the icon of the Gastronomic Science University, showing towards the exterior an image based on the technologic and innovation leadership, but on the other hand, it respects and interacts with the scale of the low density quartier where it settles down. It’s because of this dual condition why the building makes the most of the slope to organize the functional programme from the upperside to downside. The volume takes an U-shape, through which the way down the slope is allowed, without forgetting the fact of giving shape to an interior space through which all the circulations are developed. This way a space full of activity is configured, where all the relationships and interchanges take place as two determined elements for the innovation act.

All images © Vaumm | Via: Supertacular

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