Sleepy Lamp


‘Sleepy Lamp’ by Studio Klass originates from the attention to those gestures that we often do unintentionally without giving them too much care. These gestures often delineate the human behavior, particularly when they are related to objects that surround us, to alter the function and using it in different ways from which they were ment to.

The designers say: ‘This is the reason why we are fascinated with observing a stair, in its moment of non-usage, when leaning onto the wall to clear the space in which we work. In ‘Sleepy Lamp’ this particular moment is conceptually reread in a lazy and sleepy lamp that can’t help resting, creating a quiet and relaxing atmosphere around it.’ The used material is fabric and tubular steel.

All images © Alberto Cibin | Via: My Modern Met

Sleepy Lamp_01Sleepy Lamp_02Sleepy Lamp_03
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